Video: Anti-Semite Sets Self on Fire Trying to Blow Up Synagogue

Tristan Morgan

In a hilarious twist of just deserts, an anti-semitic arsonist accidentally was in the explosion radius of a combustible fire he set inside a Jewish synagogue.

May ruin befall them by surprise; may the net they hid ensnare them; may they fall into their own destruction (Psalm 35:8)

Tristan Morgan (51) went to Exeter Synagogue on Mary Arches Street in London on July 21, 2018, and approached a side window and set a fire inside the building with incendiary material. The explosive material is believed to be petroleum.

Morgan then took a lighter, caught aflame a piece of paper, and dropped it through the window. The explosion was so great, it knocked Morgan’s hat into the air several feet, and his hair stood on end from the extreme heat and explosion.

Morgan then staggered off away from the scene. You can watch the video below.

After the police caught up to Morgan at his home, he smelled of gasoline. When being arrested, Morgan said, “Please tell me that synagogue is burning to the ground, if not, it’s poor preparation.”

It was, it seems, poor planning. The Synagogue was built in 1763 and was able to be renovated and used again by October of 2018.

The footage has just now been released as a part of Morgan’s trial. He’s been sentenced to a hospital for mental health treatment.

It turns out that his plan…ahem…backfired.

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