Sexual Abuse in an SBC Leader’s Home? I Need More Information

Recently Pulpit & Pen received an anonymous letter via the USA mail that started as follows:

“To Whom it May Concern,

It is with great sadness that I write this as a cry for help…and something to be done for a child who was molested by her brother.”

The letter went on to describe a situation of sexual abuse that is allegedly taking place inside the home of a top SBC leader.  I have withheld his name in the interest of verifying the very disturbing allegations contained within the body of the letter.  I need help to do so.

Did you send me this letter? Please reach out with more details.

To the person who wrote the letter to us, who addressed it to me by name, I need your help and so does that child if what you are saying is true.  I understand your hesitancy to disclose your name but I need more information.  What is the name of the school?  What is the name of the investigator at DFACS?  What is the name of the lawyer and law firm encouraging the girl to keep silent?  What is the name of a friend of the girl to whom I can talk?  As you may know, I live in Georgia and am willing to drive the requisite distance to meet you and talk about this in person if necessary.  I can keep your name confidential if you so desire.  Please reach out to me via email at and I can provide you a phone number at which you can reach me. 

If anyone else reading this knows details of the story, please reach out to me.  Tell your parents, tell your pastor, tell somebody. It’s in the girl’s best interest for you to talk. Whether you like this particular SBC leader or not or think he should be fired is secondary.  He’ll be replaced by someone just as good or just as bad.  The child is the first priority.  She needs to see Christians reaching out to help her and loving her in Christ, not covering up trouble to save a Christian celebrity’s job. 

Don’t hesitate.

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Seth Dunn

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