Time for Pitchforks and Torches? Judge Rules Missouri’s Last Abortion Clinic Can Stay Open, Even Without a License

A St. Louis Circuit Judge named Michael Stelzer has extended a preliminary injunction allowing a St. Louis abortion clinic to continue murdering infants in spite of the Missouri Department of Health and Human Services having pulled the facility’s license because of its track-record of hurting women.

The abortion clinic’s license expired at the end of May, and was not renewed due its dangerous track-record, but Judge Telzer issued his first injuction allowing it to continue the slaughter while it mounted a legal challenge to the state’s rulings. The state had made its decision not to renew the license after the clinic refused to comply with state regulators, which were assigned to investigate the clinic after women were harmed during so-called “botched abortions.”

The nation has watched helplessly as the Citizens of Missouri and its state government have been repeatedly thwarted by an activist judiciary. Judge Stelzer is the circuit judge for Division 15 of the 22nd Circuit Court in Missouri. He was appointed by Governor Jay Nixon (a Democrat) in July of 2012, retained for the court in 2014, and his term is set to expire in 2020.

Stelzer has unilaterally decided that the abortion clinic, operated by Planned Parenthood, can continue to perform medical procedures without a license. This is a clear act of tyranny, overriding both the power of the executive branch (the regulatory agency that pulled the license, the Missouri Department of Health and Human Services) and the legislative branch (which created the guidelines to be followed as written in law).

Thomas Jefferson argued that fear of the people must keep in check judges who believed themselves entitled to legislate from the bench.

… One single object … will entitle you to the endless gratitude of society; that of restraining judges from usurping legislation. — Letter to Edward Livingston, Mar. 1825

Perhaps it is time for the Citizens of Missouri to reinforce their own sovereignty and balance the power of a runaway judiciary. Perhaps it’s time to tell activist judges that they will not stop progress or serve as our rulers and overlords. Perhaps it is time to sharpen pitchforks and break out torches.

If they will not fear the other branches of government, at least let them fear us.

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