Back Alley Abortion Clinic Legalized

When it comes to abortion, the term “safe, legal, and rare” has morphed into “on-demand” at the taxpayers expense. Adding to this insanity, a judge in South Bend, Indiana recently legalized a back-alley abortion clinic. District Judge Sarah Evans Barker has allowed an abortion clinic to open without a valid medical license.

The abortion group, Whole Woman’s Health, is currently permitted to perform abortions without a medical license or any state over-sight, and has not provided the requested safety documentations.

Judge Barker denied Attorney General Curtis Hill’s request for an immediate stay to prevent the clinic from opening until the group has a valid license.

Attorney Hill said in a statement:

“This federal judge seems to believe that every large city in the state is entitled to its own abortion clinic. She further seems to think that state licensing requirements must give way whenever a clinic proposes to open in a city without one. The U.S. Supreme Court has never even remotely implied that such a rule exists.”

Whole Woman’s Health hopes to begin performing abortions by next week, though they have no medical license and their license application was filled with inaccurate information.

Mike Fichter, President and CEO of Indiana Right To Life, commented on Judge Barker’s disregard for the women and children of Indiana, saying:

“Judge Barker’s decision to side with the abortion operators will put Hoosier women at risk and lead to the deaths of hundreds of unborn children.”

Whole Woman’s Health, which is closely linked to Whole Woman’s Health Alliance (abortion activist Amy Hagstrom Miller runs both) has many safety and health code violations at its clinics in Texas.

Health inspection reports reveal numerous violations related to the cleaning and sterilization of instruments used on multiple women. Other inspection reports revealed rust on the suction machines, putting women at a high-risk of infection.

“Safe, legal, and rare” is not a term abortion advocates are allowed to use, certainly not when they are fighting to end lives and jeopardize the health of the mothers they claim to care about.

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