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“Fully Woke,” Reformed Theological Seminary Starts ‘Women in Ministry’ Scholarship

Reformed Theological Seminary is funded by James Riady, the corrupt globalist Clinton financier and felon who was prosecuted and kicked out of the United States for using foreign cash to influence the American political system. After several years of generous donations to RTS, led by its chancellor, Ligon Duncan, the once-conservative Reformed seminary now embraces women in ministry with a new scholarship designed to attract women to offices within the church.

James Riady with Bill and Hillary Clinton

James Riady, the wealthy Indonesian business man, still is a major financial contributor to the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. Riady also recently (2016) gave the Clintons enough money to become a member of the Clinton Global Initiative.

After pleading guilty to felony conspiracy, 86 misdemeanors, fined more than 8 million dollars and kicked out of the U.S. by our State Department, Riady has found a new way to bring change to the American political system. Politicians can’t take his cash without winding up in jail, but Ligon Duncan, RTS, The Gospel Coalition, and Westminster Philadelpia (leading “New Calvinist” institutions) are taking his money hand-over-fist. They’re also all making a hard-left turn.

Aileen Riady speaks at RTS because James isn’t allowed back into the United States. Ligon Duncan is also ‘wined and dined’ by Riady at his compound in Indonesia.

Now, the ‘woke’ Reformed Theological Seminary is doing something unthinkable just a few years before, and that’s shifting their policy on women in ministry so dramatically that they’re offering a scholarship to get women into ministerial office.

But who’s financing the scholarship? Although RTS said the scholarship “began” by a “generous lead gift” by Jim and Judy Boyd (public information on the two individuals is not available), the website states, “Others have also contributed toward the scholarship, with funding now at approximately $300,000.”

Do the Westminster standards provide for women in ministry? Since when do Reformed Protestants holding to any kind of historic confession endorse women in ministry?

Michael Kruger, president of the Charlotte campus of RTS announced the scholarship on their website.

We have been so blessed to have a vibrant and growing community of female seminary students here at the Charlotte campus. God has used their faithful ministry to bless his church in so many important ways. Our hope is that this new scholarship allows the Charlotte campus to equip even more women who can be sent out as laborers into God’s Kingdom.

Nancy Guthrie, a female preacher, was cited on the RTS website:

Sometimes women who want to attend seminary wonder if they will be welcomed, respected, and taken seriously by the administration, the professors, and their fellow seminarians. This new scholarship states loudly and clearly to women: We want you here at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte!

Why would women want to attend seminary? To teach? To preach? The RTS website says that its purpose is primarily to train pastors. What ministry roles, in particular, will women be trained to do?

RTS is leading the way in America’s Great Awokening financed largely by a man who can’t come back into the country because he’s used foreign cash to corrupt our political system, and which Ligon Duncan and RTS have happily receive.

Surely their quick change on complementarianism, egalitarianism, and other issues of political correctness is…coincidence.

[Publisher’s Note: For more on Riady and his funding the Great Awokening at Reformed evangelical institutions, click here]