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Social Justice Warriors Are Killjoys: SnapChat Gender-Swap is Just for Fun

Editor’s Note: SnapChat has a warped sense of humor and so must those that support the premise that gender-swapping can be a just-for-fun activity.

Seriously, do people in their right mind want to see what they’d look like as the opposite gender? Does some guy really want to know what they would look like with long eyes lashes ladened with mascara, blue eyeliner, apple-red cheeks, and red rose-polished lips?

Apparently so because they’re doing it and SnapChat will continue, temporarily, keeping it as one of the features on the app.

For trans male individuals…stop appropriating our special purposes for the use of such things like fake eyelashes and make-up to make light of our blight.

Snapchat’s new gender-swap feature has taken over the Internet, with users marveling over how the app transforms them into a member of the opposite sex. But social justice warriors concerned about the plight of actual gender-swappers are firing back, accusing Snapchat both of minimizing what it’s like to transition and of buying into the notion of the “gender binary.”

A number of transgender individuals have complained to major news outlets, like the New York Post and The Guardian, about how the Snapchat filters turn transitioning gender into a game, and how the app “appropriates” gender transition and turns it into a game.

“My gender’s not a costume,” one transgender individual told the Post. “This story that I feel is very real. I lost a lot to be who I am, and I fought really hard for the body that I’m in.

“And when certain people post it and write about how silly it is and how goofy they look with this filter,” the person told the paper, “it makes light of the transgender experience.”

The application isn’t meant to be a serious exploration into the notions of gender and the gender binary. It’s meant to be a fun, silly way for Snapchat users to modify their self-portraits for posting. But there are some things that, to social justice warriors, just aren’t funny.

Experimenting with identity is fun, which is why the filter is so popular — but what’s fun for some, is a punishing reality for others . Many from the LGBTQ+ community have been quick to point out that Snapchat’s filter not only strictly adheres to the gender binary, but also many users’ insouciant attitudes towards gender play hardly translate in real life,” noted one writer on TheNextWeb. [Emphasis mine]

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[Editor’s Note: This article was written by Emily Zanotti and originally published at the Dailywire. Title changed by P&P.]