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Jim Bakker Sells ‘Trump Coins’ as a Conduit to God

“You can’t make this stuff up” should be the subtitle of the Jim Bakker Show. From survival slop buckets to endless omen interpretation, the felon-turned-doomsday prophet is capitalizing off of senior citizens and the uneducated who struggle with biblical discernment. Most recently, the accused rapist and ex-convict is selling “Donald Trump” coins which he promises have special spiritual power.

The coins, sold for $45 a piece, are minted with Donald Trump’s face on one side and King Cyrus on the other side. Cyrus the Great was the King of Persia who, although by all appearances being a pagan himself, delivered God’s people from captivity. Many charismatic evangelicals who claim that Trump has God’s anointing have drawn parallels with Cyrus, and believe that he is a type or shadow of the Old Testament king.

The coin is actually the idea of Lance Wallnau, a popular charismatic ‘prophet.’

Wallnau claimed, “When I asked the Lord, ‘Why the coin?’ he said ‘Because when you take the coin, it’s a point of contact. So your faith is being released with a million other believers to pray protection and peace and wisdom and counsel over the president of the United States and over his family.”

In other words, when believers hold the coin with Trump’s face, they are somehow magically united in prayer with everyone else and that creates a greater ‘point of contact’ with God.

Idolatry, anybody? For the low, low price of $45 all this shameless superstition is all yours!

The coin is inscribed with the words, “The 70 Year Decree” and “Cyrus-Trump Proclamation.”

Jim Bakker needs called out. Here’s a clip of somebody doing just that.