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I’m a Bigot. What’s Wrong with That?

News Division

I’m an evangelical Christian, who the exception of the Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground laws, don’t believe private Citizens should engage in physical violence. However, my viewpoints – which are in accordance with historical Christian thought and supported by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution – are largely considered bigoted.

After being banned by the technocracy (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) for my speech, having our website flagged and blacklisted by the corporatocracy (Google and Amazon), boycotted by the religious establishment (the Southern Baptist Convention and The Gospel Coalition’s ‘woke’ elitists), and largely being one of the most vilified men in evangelicalism, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am, in fact, a bigot.

We’ve been called ‘bigots’ more times than I can count. Our ideas are downright bigoted, especially in the minds of people who curl up into the status quo like a warm security blanket and go to sleep every night.

I have thoughts that aren’t allowed to be spoken, written, or conveyed.

I believe that mothers (and complicit fathers) who have abortions should be put on trial for murder and then executed along with the hitman who carried out the procedure.

I believe that any nation on Earth would be as justified to invade our national sovereign borders to make us stop killing our infants as the United States is justified in our invasion of any number of countries to stop their genocides. North Korea kills far fewer political dissidents than we kill innocent infants (North Korea banned abortion in 2015), meaning that portly tyrant in Dr. Evil’s suit has the moral high ground to invade the United States and force us to stop killing ourselves. If Kim Jong Ill invaded the United States I’d lay down my arms and point him to Planned Parenthood so he could run it beneath his tank.

I believe that being gay is gross, that almost everybody considers it gross, and that we (as a culture) celebrate sodomy while we intentionally avoid talking about the act itself. Young men have to wear diapers because their sphincters are blown out from penetration and they can’t keep their fecal matter inside their bowels. And we act like being ‘gay’ just means some men have impeccable fashion sense. The act itself is revolting and it’s about time we say so. Likewise, we glamorize lesbianism, which is equally as disgusting, trying to cover up the fact the typical lesbian looks more like Lea DeLaria and Rosie O’Donnell than the lipstick-and-heels figures Hollywood gives us. The real thing makes us lose our appetite.

I believe that ‘transgenderism’ doesn’t exist. No one in the history of mankind has ever transitioned their gender. Men who try to become women only become emasculated men. Women who try to become men only succeed in appearing to be effeminate men. ‘Transgenderism” is a biological and scientific impossibility and even using the term ‘transgenderism’ is as much an insult to science as it is to God. ‘Transgenderism” is normalized science fiction.

I believe that Marxism is as dangerous now as it was immediately following WWII and up and until the end of the Cold War. Marxism is the enemy of humankind. Wherever it hides, it should be rooted out and (ideologically) executed. Those who hold to Marxism should lose their jobs, be expunged from the pulpit and universities, and be given a one-way ticket to Venezuela so they can be cannibalized by those who are forced to live under the real consequences of their utopian socio-political theories.

I believe that the surest way to doctrinal error, theological compromise, and ecclesiastical irrelevance is to put a woman in the pulpit. I have never heard a ‘good’ female preacher. They don’t exist. Those women who properly understand the Bible (their numbers are probably equal to men who properly understand the Bible, and there are many) would never step near the pulpit.

Also, in case I couldn’t be clearer, women are bad at preaching. Awful. Just…terrible. And by that, I mean homiletically, in terms of delivering the actual message. Listening to a woman preaching is like listening to nails down the chalkboard. A woman trying to preach is like a woman trying to pee standing up; it can be done, but it cannot be done well, and they’re just going to make a mess.

I hate skinny jeans on men. I don’t have to have a reason. It’s my blog. They look gay. Where do you carry your gun? How do you even fit a can of Skoal into your back pocket when you have to pry off your pants with a shoe-horn? I can’t even take you seriously, you skinny jean-wearing, latte-sipping sugar plum princess. Put on some real pants, Lebowski. The bums will lose.

I don’t like little dogs. Yes, we own a Yorkie. My point remains. If it’s less than 20 pounds, I’m going to consider it a cat. And don’t get me started on cats.

Starbucks is a waste of money. Make your coffee in a regular coffee pot like the cavemen used to. Coffee should be free at gas-stations and barber shops. If you pay $5 for a cup of coffee you probably buy bottled water because you’re too good for the tap. I bet you buy organic deodorant (by the way, you smell). I don’t care if it’s ‘fair trade’ or organically grown. I like my coffee carried on the backs of indigenous jungle people, loaded onto donkeys, and transported to America in rusty cargo ships. That’s what gives it the earthy flavor.

I don’t like Chevy pickups. They seem…liberal to me. No, I don’t have a good reason for that. Pepsi is what you should drink if you live in a Third World Country that doesn’t have Coca-Cola. There’s no moral imperative for women to shave their armpits, but still…shave ’em, lady. Nobody wants to see that. I don’t trust Mexican restaurants unless they’re staffed with real Mexicans. If my waiter doesn’t have broken English, I’m immediately skeptical of the quality of the queso.

Canada’s mascot is a Maple Leaf, their automobiles run on syrup, they have oppressive gun control, and I’m pretty sure John Mayer is their president (Saskatchewan is growing on me, though). And the French signs and metric system? Curling? Oofta! Other than being able to start my day with a double-double at Timmies, no thanks.

Nose rings. Tattoo sleeves. Caps on sideways. Caps with the bills unbent. Caps with the stickers still on them. Now that I think about it, I have a lot of cap bigotries. There’s just a right way and wrong way for a man to wear his head gear.

The thing about my bigotries is that they range from pretty serious (like the worthiness of the lawful execution of abortive parents) to the annoyance of Spoken Word (talentless hacks).

But, do I not have a right to say these things? Should I be censored for espousing my views? And if you consider my views wrong, aren’t you a bigot? Aren’t you intolerant?

You see, we’re all bigoted about something. We all have things we don’t like, whether instinctual or ideological. Some bigotries (like the kind against Nazis and Hippies) are necessary and moral. Some bigotries (like against cats and Pepsi) are amoral. Some bigotries (like those against minorities) are immoral. But mark it down, everybody is a bigot. Perhaps you’re bigoted against religious conservatives who have sometimes-arbitrary bigotries.

You should feel free to express your bigotries, and honest public discourse requires it. This way, we can sift through those bigotries that are valid and those that are invalid. Anything less is censorship.

And I am really, really bigoted toward censorship.