‘Godly Trump,’ Never a More Biblical President, Says Michelle Bachman

Donald Trump has lots of good qualities that evangelical Christians should find admirable. Time and again, Trump has proven capable of listening to the evangelical voting block and has even followed through on many of his promises made to America’s Christians. His policies are certainly more in line with the Christian ethos than the Democratic Party platform, which is little more than a list of sins God hates. However, recent claims from former presidential hopeful, Michelle Bachman, have some scratching their head.

Michelle Bachman

Bachman said on Understanding the Times radio program:

He is highly biblical, and I would say to your listeners, we will in all likelihood never see a more godly, biblical president again in our lifetime. So we need to be not only praying for him, we need to support him, in my opinion, in every possible way that we can.

For the record, Trump claims to have never asked forgiveness, was supposedly led to faith by Benny Hinn’s former mistress, Paula White, and seems to grasp the Bible about as well as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez grasps capitalism. On top of that, Trump is a serial adulterer, profane and vulgar potty-mouth, and seems morally incorrigible.

That said, his policy decisions seem to be (largely) in accordance with a Biblical worldview, including his stance on abortion, illegal immigration (the rule of law), and opposition to socialism (theft). In this sense, Trump is infinitely more Biblical than, say, for example, Jimmy Carter.

What do you think? Is Trump one of the most Biblical presidents ever? Leave your comments below.