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Feminist Wants Mandatory Vasectomies for Men So Women Won’t Need Abortions

Actress Evan Rachel Wood

Men should be mandated to undergo involuntary vasectomies, so says Hollywood actress, Evan Rachel Wood after Georgia and Ohio passed new abortion laws.

Vehemently opposed to the personhood of the unborn, the Westwood star suggested Thursday an easy way to prevent pregnancy and a woman’s need for abortion…neutering men.

Well not completely neutering men, obviously she believes men should still be accessible to women. They have needs, physical needs. Wood would just prefer that men are both emasculated and sterilized.

Her argument entails mandatory vasectomies for a man until the woman decides she wants children since vasectomies can be “easily” reversed. In essence, men will require a permission slip from women in the baby making decision. All the while, Wood’s appeals to men for the sake of saving the lives of women.

As Evan Rachel Wood’s follow-up tweet states:

You cannot make this stuff up. The ludicrousness of Rachel Wood’s thinking can’t be overstated. Women will stop murdering the unborn when men undergo women-mandated sterilization.

As we can see, Wood’s is no scientific brain trust. She’s not even capable of identifying the well established scientific fact that personhood begins at conception. And she wants men to trust her medical advice. What we have here is one overly inflated ego for Wood’s to believe she could be trusted for any medical opinion when she’s void of “scientific” common sense.

What set off Evan Rachel Wood’s preposterous demands?

Tuesday, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed the Living Infants Fairness and Equality (LIFE) Act which prohibits abortion after the unborn child’s heartbeat is detected and a similar bill signed in April by Ohio Governor Ohio Mike DeWine.