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Claiming to Avoid Confusion, California Teaching Gender Fluidity to Kindergartners

LGBTQ education matters in California. No longer will the standard subjects like English, Arithmetic, Social Studies, and Science be the only subjects to captivate the minds of elementary school students.

The California Department of Education and the LGBTQ propagandists have been working hard to include controversial teaching about sexual relations, sexual orientation and gender. 

Working closely with GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network), California educators have determined the terms and definitions that will be taught to publicly educated children.

From polyamorous sexual orientation (defined as practice of, desire to, or orientation toward having consensual non-monogamous relationships) to polyfidelity (defined as more than two people being in romantic and/or sexual relationships which is not open to additional partners). Also included with be teaching the distinctions between homosexual sexual intercourse and heterosexual intercourse.

All the while, the LGBTQ and some California educators subversively claiming it’s only designed to prevent the marginalization of gay and transgender individuals.

On Wednesday, the California Department of Education approved new educational guidelines to include LGBTQ propaganda – anything goes – with the real intent to remove any biblical boundaries of male and female and marriage.

It will begin at a foundational level of education…kindergarten.

It will begin at the biblical foundational truth of gender – male and female – ostensibly to corrupt and attempt to destroy that truth and scientific fact.

The contained within the 700 page document adopted by the California Board of Education is the false narrative and the grossly aberrant ideology of the LGBTQ+ that gender is fluid. According to those pushing hard their detestable agenda, some children by the age of five could already be identified as transgender, therefore, it behooves (since it’s not mandated) them to introduce gender fluidity.

How is Gender defined in the new educational guidelines?

Since genders are unlimited, and ever-expanding, no longer will gender be confined to the two biological genders, male and female. Gender will now be described as, “boy, girl, both, neither, trans, genderqueer, non-binary, gender fluid, transgender, and neutral.

It’ll become as basic as spinning the gender wheel and a person’s gender can be wherever it lands.

Despite the fact that most parents will be unfamiliar with these terms and their definitions, children young as kindergarteners will be taught them in the California public educational system.

All of this is being said and done under the guise that rather than cause confusion in the minds of kindergarteners, the document claims it’s “to develop an awareness that other expressions exist.”