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Democrat Rep. Says “Some Kids Are Unwanted, So Kill Them Now or Kill Them Later”

Some pro-abortion advocates are brutally honest. Alabama State Representative, John Rogers (D) is one such honest person. In the diatribe now making its way across social media, he admits that unborn children are, well, children, and argues that we “can kill them now or kill them later.”

Rogers says:

Some kids are unwanted, so you kill them now or you kill them later. You bring them in the world unwanted, unloved, you send them to the electric chair. So, you kill them now or you kill them later.”

Watch the video below:

The words of Rep. Rogers are shocking. They are Hitleresque. He acknowledges some human beings as “undesirables” and refers to abortion as “killing them” (as opposed to aborting a fetus or terminating a pregnancy or providing women’s healthcare, more sanitized terms often used by the abortion lobby).

With this attitude toward the value of human beings, slaves never would have been emancipated. Rogers’ view regarding human worth and dignity is the same type of view that created and continued the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

In a subsequent video “clarifying” his remarks, Rogers stands by his comments on the grounds that Alabama requires drug-tests for food stamp recipients, mentions the incarceration rate in the state, and claims it’s better not to bring these “people” into a world like that.

By “kill them later,” Rogers says he’s referring to the state of Alabama “killing people” by closing rural hospitals, high imprisonment rates, and waffling on Medicaid expansion. Ergo, it’s better just to kill people in the womb.

At the 3.03 minute mark in the video below, the interviewer asks, “Do you think that slaves were unwanted, that it’s any different now?”

Rogers responded unintelligibly, and it’s hard to tell what he’s saying. He mumbled off into incoherent speech.