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Christian Couple Vows in Sickness and Health: Marries in Hospital Chapel

Photo Credit: CJ Cruz

Carol Stevenson, 67, and Everett Conyers, 73, made the decision to marry in the hospital chapel because their devotion to their Christian faith prevents them from “living together before marriage.” When Carol Stevenson fell, fracturing her hip, she needed immediate surgery. Stevenson was prepared to make a full recovery within a few weeks with physical therapy.

Upon learning that Carol would need someone to take care for her, the couple married while she was still in the hospital vowing to care for one another both in sickness and in health.

Carol described how she had slipped and fell on the hardwood floors during a visit with Everett at her home.

“Had he not been here, I could not have gotten to a phone,” she said. “God has always protected me when I really needed it the most.”

Three days after her surgery, Everett and Carol got married in the hospital chapel on Everett’s birthday.

“Being able to marry her is the best birthday present I’ve ever received,” said Everett.

Carol said it’s “a real blessing that you’ve got a partner by your side.”

She then added, “I don’t think he thought those vows ‘in sickness and in health’ were going to start immediately.”