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Creepy Joe Biden Wants to “Make America Moral Again,” Seriously?

Please allow me to demonstrate my immediate reactions to the news today that Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s most recent campaign slogan is “Make America Moral Again.


And then:

This morning on ABC’s Good Morning America, reported Democrat front runner Joe Biden told the viewing audience:

Make America return to the essence of who we are, the dignity of the country, the dignity and treating our people with dignity and this God-awful deliberate division that’s being taken in order to separate people to aggrandize his own power…

The former vice presidential has spent the bulk of his political career demonstrating the direct opposite of working towards, in any way, making America a nation of moral stands. He intends to start now?

For goodness sakes, the man can’t seem to keep his hands to himself.

From his pro-abortion stance to his weird and notoriously wild inappropriate behavior toward the female gender, both young and old, it’ll take more than a “slogan” to convince any sound-minded voter to believe Biden has a moral ‘bone in his body, let alone soul.’

It did not take long after Biden sent out pre-presidential candidate feelers (pun intended) for numerous compilation videos revealing the disgustingly strange tendency of Joe Biden (to the shock of those who received his unwanted touching) to caress young girls and women to hit social media platforms.

A simply search of YouTube easily provides evidence of such immoral behavior exhibited by Joesph R. Biden.

Recently, CampusReform went to the campus of University of Iowa to see how students would, “react to footage of Joe Biden appearing to touch women inappropriately,” and whether it would, “impact how they voted in the 2020 election.”

Watch the video below:

Hopefully, the shock students demonstrated as they viewed Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden ‘in action’ will not wear off, but instead solidify in their thinking that Biden is incapable of “Making America Moral Again.”