Audio: Steve Lawson on ‘Liberation Theology’

Liberation Theology is a combination of Roman Catholic theology and Marxist socio-political thought. The ideology was originally framed and founded by Jesuit priests in South America who, enamored by Communism, wanted to promote communitarian political thought without embracing the atheism that it usually encompasses.

Liberation Theology turns every kind of social activism into “justice,” and then demands that Christians do justice.

Environmental Justice.

Social Justice.

Reproductive Justice.

Economic Justice.

Animal Justice.

These are all actual terms used by Cultural Marxists to advance their political agenda. Too often, Christians buy into it and frame mercy as justice, which is a Communist trap to pit class against class and cause societal division. You can see Liberation Theology ooze from Tim Keller’s tweet yesterday…

Of course, the devil is in the details and what Keller means by “justice” is the same thing Gustavo Guttierez meant by “justice,” who Keller credits with shaping his worldview in his book, Generous Justice. In short, Keller is for the redistribution of wealth, property, and privilege.

However, other theologians are espousing Biblical ideas rather than political ideologies.

Steve Lawson preached a fantastic sermon on real Liberation Theology. And yes, he calls out the proponents of Liberation Theology while expositing the Scripture like a champ and proclaiming the authentic Gospel while lambasting the false.

You’ve got to take a listen…

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