Sam Allberry Defecting From Pro-Gay ‘Living Out’

Sam Allberry is the same-sex attracted Anglican priest who is being heavily promoted by The Gospel Coalition and other Social Justice Warriors, who are letting him direct their theology on sex and the family. The homosexual is celibate (and therefore is welcome at the table of the Evangelical Intelligentsia) but promotes incredibly troubling sexual ethics. Polemicists have been warning about Allberry’s subversive influence for years, but Texas Pastor, Tom Buck, began to get the attention of many when drafted a four-part series detailing his troublesome gay-influenced ethos.

Those partnering with Allberry, including The Gospel Coalition (TGC), the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), numerous SBC seminary presidents, and White Horse Inn are all feeling the pressure from evangelicals who have said ‘enough is enough’ regarding the gay BFF of evangelicalism.

We wrote about the gay priest’s partnership with White Horse Inn on March 28, 2019 in an article by Toni Brown titled, The White Horse Inn Teams Up With Homosexual Anglican Priest, Sam Allberry. The President and CEO of White Horse Inn recently stated that Allberry plans to distance himself from his own ministry website, Living Out, where most of the troublesome pro-gay material can be found.

Mark Green writes in recent correspondence, “[Allberry] plans to disassociate from the website and that organization and should have this finalized by this fall.

Repentance would need to contain specific reasons why he would disassociate from the ministry he helped create, including whether or not he currently agrees with views he recently voiced only after widespread public criticism. Without that, there is no reason to believe Allberry’s decision to distance himself from Living Out is anything but public relations damage control.

It is also interesting that Green, as opposed to Allberry, first made this statement. If true, we would expect Allberry to give a complete and public denunciation of his body of work and influence with Living Out. Most subversive ideologues will change, transition, disassociate, and even repudiate movements they helped to create while holding onto the ideology and injecting it to new or different organizations. This strategy defuses criticism and disables opposition.

One wonders why that would take until the Fall to accomplish.