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Ohio Democrat State Representative: Preventing African-American Women from Abortion Rights “Akin” to Slavery

Protecting the unborn child has been a long hard fight in Ohio.

In December 2018, for the second time, former Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich vetoed legislation that would have banned abortion when the heart beat is detected.

At the time, Pulpit and Pen reported that Kasich stated in writing:

As governor, I have worked hard to strengthen Ohio’s protections for the sanctity of human life, and I have a deep respect for my fellow members of the pro-life community and their ongoing efforts in defense of unborn life…

However, the central provision of H.B. 258, that an abortion cannot be performed if a heartbeat has been detected in the unborn child, is contrary to the Supreme Court rulings on abortion.”

This veto did not hinder Ohio pro-life activists and their political partners from drafting new legislation.

Finally, on April 11, current Republican Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed into law Senate Bill 23, the Human Heartbeat Protection Act.

This law protects unborn children of every skin color.

Why the need to state, “protection of all unborn children not based on skin color?”

Prior to passage of the legislation, African-American Democrat Ohio Representative, Janine Boyd vehemently opposed the Heartbeat Protection Act for including black women from access to abortion.

Democrat Ohio Representative Janine Boyd

Instead Rep. Boyd proposed to continue black genocide by crafting and introducing Amendment 0291: Exemption for African-American Women.

In the highly confused mind of Rep. Boyd, to disallow black women from murdering their own unborn children is “akin” to slavery.

Rep. Janine Boyd argued:

Black slaves were once treated like cattle and put out to stud in order to create generations of more slaves.

Boyd, in equating the right’s of African-American unborn children to live with slavery reveals much about her.

Black genocide, the murder of black children through abortion has had a devastating impact on the black community. A cursory look at the staggering numbers of black women who abort their unborn children has certainly and dramatically reduced black population in the United States.

The Guttenmacher Institute’s research admits the shocking fact that “black women are 5 times as likely to abort their children.” That fact alone should shake Boyd to her core. If this current trend of the black community suffering the lose of so many because black women continue to abort their own children, it won’t take long before black communities will no longer be a significant voice in the public square.

What a sad, truly abominable position that Boyd has taken in regards to protecting blacks from racism. Her vile form of protection is to kill those within her own community. It’s unimaginable. It utterly makes no sense to “fight” for the rights of African-Americans by partnering with those who are wielding the weapon to decimate them, the weapon – abortion.

Fortunately for African-American unborn children the proposed amendment failed to pass in the Ohio legislature.