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Texas Senate Passes Bill Creating Physician-Patient Relationship for Abortion Survivors

Tuesday the Texas Senate approved House Bill 16 the Born Alive Act giving the unborn child that survives an abortion the right to life-saving healthcare. The legislation would create a physician-patient relationship. One of the outstanding benefits of this bill is the recognition that an unborn child that survives an intended murder is a separate life with the right to live.

The Texas Senate has passed common legislation, Senate Bill 23, although it is a little different than the House Bill. If both become law, a combined $100,000 civil fine maybe imposed on abortionists who do not provide appropriate life-saving medical treatment to the surviving child.

Although, 50 Democrats that voted “No” won’t openly acknowledge that despite the unborn child’s survival of abortion, the child is still not considered a “person.” They want the right to determine who lives and who dies, starting with the unborn.

Notice in the following statement made by the repulsive seller of aborted baby-parts, Planned Parenthood, their spokesperson also does not include the unborn child as a person. The only “person” in their sick scenario is the woman and her need for “medical care.”

Dyana Limon-Mercado, interim executive director of Planned Parenthood Texas Votes states:

HB 16 is a blatantly false, inflammatory and dangerous bill being pushed by anti-choice organizations to further stigmatize abortion, intimidate physicians and, once again, interfere with a woman’s right to seek medical care. […] The medical community, including the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists, strongly opposes HB 16. We want to thank Rep. Donna Howard and the 50 members of the Texas House who refused to vote for this bill.

Repeatedly crying “false narrative,” NARAL Pro-Choice Texas stated:

There’s a reason the federal version of this bill failed to pass and why national medical organizations oppose this bill, and that’s because HB 16 is not about medicine, it’s a bill based on lies and fear mongering. It promotes a false narrative intended to criminalize doctors and demonize physicians who perform abortions. This intentional inaccuracy subjects healthcare providers to potential violence and harassment and unnecessary investigations and prosecution by pushing a false narrative about the practice of medicine.

To be absolutely clear, no one supports infanticide or physicians not practicing medicine to the best of their ability and training – infanticide is already illegal and being in favor of access to abortion or against this bill is not an equivocation of being supportive of infanticide. This bill only applies to doctors who perform abortion and does nothing to improve the healthcare of any infant. This bill is a solution in search of a problem, and to call it anything else would be simply untrue. 

Simply true for the Democrats that voted “no” and the pro-murder talking heads like Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice Texas is their opposition to providing healthcare for babies born alive despite the attempt to murder them while in the womb and punishing abortionists who fail to do so.