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North Carolina Senate Passes The Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act

Monday night the North Carolina Senate passed the The Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.

The legislation will provide protection for babies born after a botched abortion. Newborns that survive an abortion will be guaranteed the same right to life saving treatment that any other newborns would receive. Abortionists who fail to abide by the law will be charged with a felony.

Despite Senate Democrats opposing the legislation claiming that it demonizes abortionists, two Democrats joined the Republicans to get the bill passed.

The Senate bill 359 also requires those who have knowledge that a baby has survived an abortion and was not provided life-saving healthcare must report the illegal prevention of medical care.

Democrats argue that the number of such births, which usually occur from late-term abortions, is less than 1%, therefore, the protection that the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act provides is unnecessary. Imagine that kind of thinking, that those less “than 1%” babies born having survived an intentional murder should not be afforded the protection the Act provides because – well there’s just not enough of them.

These type of arguments made by pro-murder advocates reveal that slowly, but surely, the unborn are nothing more than ‘objects’ to them. Abortionists and those that support them have reached a level of such dehumanization of babies in the womb that even one who has survived after enduring horrific pain and agony should be left to die “outside the womb.”

How has it become possible that there are those among us who go about their day as those it’s just an average one – you know – getting a hot cup of coffee, maybe taking a break in the nurses lounge or off to Chipotle’s to pick a burrito for lunch, all the while knowing that a newborn child is left alone to die. It’s unimaginable, however, it’s what’s happening to them, and abortionists and their supporters want to keep it that way.