LDS Church Says LGBT Mormons Are No Longer ‘Apostate’

The Mormon Church is full of self-correction. Although the Christian religion, which is by nature intrinsically anchored to Sacred Writing, the Mormon faith is tethered to a human hierarchy consisting of a President and Prophet, First Counselor, Second Counselor, and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. All Scriptural interpretation, doctrinal belief, and theological interpretation is therefore subjected to changing human interpretation.

Mormon Church history is full of policy reversals, supposedly by the will of God, handed down by their presidents and prophets. Last year, the LDS officially scuttled their name Mormon, scrubbing it from all official literature and advertising as a part of a decades-long plan to merge their faith into the perceived mainstream of Christianity (they’ve even changed the name of their famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir to accommodate the re-branding. Until 1978, black men were prohibited from the priesthood and both black men and women were forbidden from receiving the ordinances. In 2012, the LDS Church un-banned caffeinated soda products (caffeine is still banned in hot drinks like tea or coffee). And most famously, the LDS church conveniently abandoned polygamy in 1890, which happened to coincide with Utah’s entrance into the Union, which required their abandonment of polygamy (God seems to speak through his prophets when it’s politically expedient).

The traditionally super-conservative Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is rapidly changing their policies on LGBTQXYZLMNOP issues.

In a major change that came a week ago, the LDS headquarters announced that God again had changed his mind on an important social issue. Although the Mormons had banned people in ‘gay marriages’ as “apostates,” they reversed that decision on April 4.

Most drastically, dropping the ‘apostate’ label on gay Mormons will allow their children to be baptized and ‘blessed’ prior to their adulthood. The church will now put their seal of approval on children adopted, artificially conceived, or trafficked into gay marriages.

President Dallin Oaks said that the decision of the LDS church was to “reduce the hate and contention so common today.”

In reality, the decision is probably due to nearly 1 thousand gay or gay-supporting Mormons who recently showed up in Salt Lake City to resign their membership in the church out of protest of the church’s stance against LGBTQXYZLMNOP marriages.

As good Continuationists (those who believe the Apostolic Sign Gifts like prophecy have continued into the church age, such as charismatics, Pentecostals, the Assemblies of God and lots of confused Baptists), the LDS press release announced that the changes to policy were due to a changing understanding of revelation from God.

“These policy changes come after an extended period of counseling with our brethren in the Quorum the Twelve Apostles after fervent, united prayer to understand the will of the Lord,”

In other words, the revelation from God has not changed, but it has been misunderstood and only now is being rightfully interpreted by the church.