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Young Christians: Stop ‘Embracing Your Singleness’ And Start Preparing for Marriage

News Division

The movement to ‘de-sin’ Same-Sex Attraction (SSA) in evangelicalism is actually starting to have a negative effect on the way straight evangelicals look at issues like singleness and marriage.

This movement to de-sin SSA – led by Sam Allberry and his gaggle of celibate gay clergy friends, the Social Gospel Coalition, and the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention – have advocated singleness as a virtue in order to provide an alternative to repentance for homosexuals.

At powerful evangelical conferences and in influential meetings, evangelical figure-heads have waxed eloquently about how wonderful and virtuous it is to be single, encouraging gays to be celibate rather than to be brought to full repentance, be given a new nature, and find heterosexual happiness. Most evangelical leaders have bought into the lie that so-called “sexual orientation” is innately ingrained within us and can’t change, ever since Albert Mohler reversed his position on reparative therapy and took that new position at the famous ‘Breaking Bread with Homosexuals‘ conference in which SBC leaders – led by Russell Moore – met with gay leaders like Justin Lee of the Gay Christian Network to take their advice on how to move forward together.

Young women have not heard the virtue of marriage preached at evangelical events for the last five or so years, but have only heard the virtues of singleness. This recent phenomenon is due entirely to the latest desire to appease those with Same-Sex Attraction.

A case-in-point is an article by ‘woke’ Social Justice activist, Ekemini Uwan, at Christianity Today. Uwan is the activist who recently caused a walk-out at Westminster Philadelphia for gratuitously race-baiting the audience and who recently claimed in social media that “whiteness is wickedness.” Her article at Christianity Today, which is content to trollop out its pages for whatever theological street-walker is in the most fashionable set of heels at the moment, is entitled Singleness: My Only Compassion, and is about the virtue of being “perpetually single.”

Uwan writes:

By God’s grace, shame no longer defines this area of my life as it has in the past. A beautifully redemptive combination of age and the aforementioned means of grace has helped me arrive at the realization that God has an immense calling on my life that reaches far beyond my marital status…

The way Uwan phrases her article is the reason why they send change agents to get seminary degrees. It sounds good. But theologically, it’s crap.

I can 100% guarantee that God has not called Uwan to be a preacher. I can 100% guarantee you that God has called mankind generally speaking to be fruitful and multiply, and Uwan’s clock is ticking.

Uwan, minus the theological catch-phrases and code-words that give her tripe an air of righteousness, is basically repeating the mantra of the feminists (I am woman, hear me roar) or the homosexuals (I’m out and proud) or happily obese people in the Fat Acceptance Movement (that’s a real thing).

A few things should be relayed here from the get-go. Singleness may be something that God – in his providence – gives someone. But singleness, in and of itself, is nothing to be celebrated. That’s stupid. It’s not intellectually sophisticated. It’s sophomoric. And frankly, young evangelicals running around celebrating their singleness is the consequences of preaching the virtue of singleness to ‘queer Christians’ for the last half-decade. Putting forward Sam Allberry and his theology has consequences, people.

Honestly, if a young woman like Uwan spent less time trying to be a “public theologian” and more time preparing to be a biblical wife, she could find a serious relationship. Furthermore, what kind of godly man would want to marry a female preacher, militant activist, or feminist to begin with? I would run from that like the plague, too.

Furthermore, a woman doesn’t have a need for seminary unless she’s there to marry a pastor. And seminary was not initially designed to be social mixer, so they might be better off saving their tuition money and putting it towards a wedding dress.

The Bible never tells us that singleness is a blessing. It does not tell us that it is something to celebrate. Singleness may very well be something our providential God has us endure for his glory. But that doesn’t mean that thing we have to endure, in and of itself, is worth celebrating.

For example, you might be fat. Being fat might not be any fault of your own whatsoever (some people have metabolisms that just won’t cooperate). God loves you if you’re fat. You should try not to be fat. But if you are fat, God can help you live through it and with it. You can be blessed in spite of being fat. But it’s stupid to celebrate the fat itself.

You might be single. Being single might not be any fault of your own whatsoever. God loves you if you’re single. You should try not to be single. But if you are single, God can help you live through it and with it. You can be blessed in spite of being single. But it’s stupid to celebrate the singleness in and of itself.

And by the way, everything I’ve written about celebrating fatness or singleness would also go for embracing fatness or singleness. It’s the same difference and should be seen as the same in the phrase used above, “You should try not to be...”

Yes, that is right. I am going to make an argument that Christians have made for two thousand years, Covenant people have made since Abraham, and human beings have made since Adam. Call me old fashioned, but I’m going to stand over here with the rest of the reproductive human race and argue that marriage and baby-making is a good thing.

The LORD God also said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make for him a suitable helper” (Genesis 2:18).

He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD (Proverbs 18:22).

Houses and wealth are inherited from fathers, but a prudent wife is from the LORD (Proverbs 19:14).

All of the Biblical testimony commends marriage as celebratory and not singleness (whether among the Same-Sex attracted or old maids, either one). Hebrews 13:4 says that it is marriage – not singleness – that is to be celebrated and esteemed by all.

In other words, we’re sorry you’re single. We’re glad God’s grace is sufficient. We hope your situation changes. If it doesn’t, that’s Providence. In the meantime, we hope you’re preparing for marriage instead of off starting dumpster fires and race riots at Westminster Seminary.

Evangelicalism is in danger because of the subversive teaching that has been brought in to appease the Same-Sex Attracted. We don’t need to be fruity, but fruitful…the kind that multiplies and makes babies.

It’s hard to prepare for marriage when you’re busy celebrating singleness.