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The Lame Walk, the Blind See, and the Deaf Hear Claims Justin Bieber’s London Pastor

  • Famous faces seen at the London church include Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Chris Pratt, Sinitta and Chelsea footballer David Luiz
  • Gary Clarke, 59, senior pastor of Hillsong Church UK, lives in a luxury flat with floor-to-ceiling views of the Thames
  • He claims to have healed lepers, the blind, the deaf and people with polio whose limbs straightened up in seconds after he prayed for them
  • There was no evidence for this, he said, because ‘these are people’s own stories’
Gary Clarke (pictured) is a colourful leader at Hillsong Church, living in a £2.5m apartment by the Thames, paid for by the church

[Jake Wallis | Daily Mail] The charismatic pastor of a London church frequented by celebs like Justin Bieber claims to have powers to heal polio, blindness and deafness, is living in a £2.5m apartment overlooking the Thames, MailOnline can reveal.

Gary Clarke is a colourful leader at Hillsong Church and lives at the luxury home with use of a swimming pool and gym all paid for by the church.

The 59-year-old preaches about being able to heal the sick at his raucous London sermons where Christian rock and R&B music is played which have been attended by Bieber, Selena Gomez, actor Chris Pratt, singer Sinitta and Chelsea star David Luiz.

The father-of-two, who confirmed Bieber attended one of his sermons last year, lives in three-bedroom flat in Wandsworth, south London, bought by the church for £1.6million in 2008, land registry records show.

The churchman defended living in such luxury saying the flat is the property of the church, which is an asset that is going up in value and remains the property of Hillsong. 

Hillsong was brought to public attention when Justin Bieber was baptised in an NBA player’s bath by pastor Carl Lentz in 2014 (both pictured)
Clarke lives at the luxury home with use of a swimming pool, gym and floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Thames. The church bought the apartment in 2008 for £1.6million

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[Editor’s Note: This article was written by Jake Wallis and originally published at the Daily Mail. Title changed by P&P.]