Human Trafficking Coyotes Portrayed as “Humanitarians” by CBS News

[Josh Hammer | The DAILYWIRE] On Saturday, CBS News posted a rather unusual story that seems to mollycoddle and glorify a group of individuals of a rather unique “profession”: Human smugglers.

Yes, really.

Per CBS News:

Along the Panama-Colombia border lies 60 miles of dense forest where smugglers known as coyotes guide migrants seeking passage north, for the right price.

Emerson Gonzalez Jimenez said he typically charges $700 to get people safely from Capurgana, Colombia, to Bajo Chiquito, Panama. He said he sometimes makes exceptions and lowers the cost, especially if he encounters migrants who were abandoned by their group. “Many get lost. They lose the path,” said Gonzalez Jimenez.

“I helped a lot of people, particularly women with children,” he said. “Because many have passed through here and not made it.” …

These hazards create an economic opportunity for men like Gonzalez Jimenez. …

“Most people think we (smugglers) are bad,” Gonzalez Jimenez said. “But if a person needs to go from there to here, and can’t do it… and they tell me, ‘I’m going to pay you five, 10, 20 dollars… to take me to whatever location.’ And if I didn’t have a job at the time… to me, that’s good.”

Well, then.

As The Daily Caller notes, many conservatives did not react particularly well to this bit of hard-cutting “journalism” — journalism that “tr[ies] to put a positive spin on the people who routinely endanger the lives of vulnerable illegal immigrants.”

“Among liberal activists and their allies in the mainstream media, there’s a reluctance to acknowledge the darker side of the migrant crisis—or even admit that it’s a crisis at all,” tweeted John Daniel Davidson of The Federalist. “Hence CBS’s portrayal of two migrant smugglers as humanitarians.”

“Finally lived long enough to get so hyper-woke about applauding illegal immigration that we got a sympathetic piece from the network news about how underappreciated human traffickers are,” sarcastically tweeted Jeff Blehar.

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[Editor’s Note: This article was written by  Josh Hammer and originally published at The DAILYWIRE. Title changed by P&P.]

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