Video: Charismatic Preacher Makes Church-Goers Eat Grass from Lawn

Believe it or not, the occult of charismaticism is having to find more and more bizarre things to do to prove their spiritual ferver. The continent of Africa, where charismatic ‘christianity’ is growing very quickly, is a prime place to see the occult mix with charismaticism to form a bizarre fring-religion.

South African pastor, Lesego Daniel, is constantly crossing the threshold of congregational abuse to prove his spiritual prowess. On previous occasions, Daniel brought a Cobra snake and put it into a bowl of communion wine, making parishoners drink from the bowl. He’s also had congregants drink gasoline to prove their allegiance to his miraculous claims of divine protection.

Daniel is the pastor and found of Rabboni Centre Ministries, and most recently, a video has gone viral on social media of his congregants eating grass.


The pastor claims that the churches grass has been “blessed.”