Why Using Birth Control is Sinful

Do you believe that life begins at conception? If you do (and you should), Christian married couples should stop using a contraception method known as “the pill” and is labeled as ‘birth control.’ Indeed, the pill controls birth, but it does not control contraception.

Several years ago, I preached on this topic on Right to Life Sunday, and a visiting OBGYN never came back. She later told a church member that I had my facts wrong. I was able to show definitively that the ubiquitous ‘birth control pill’ indeed does cause abortions from the excellent research provided by Randy Alcorn.

It’s not a secret in the medical field that the ‘birth control pill’ often causes abortion of already-conceived children, although that medical fact is often concealed from young women prescribed the medicine. It is our conviction as believers that if your “birth control” method allows the conception of life but not its flourishing in the womb – leading to death – you should use a different method of conception control.

We are for the barrier method, the calendar method, and other means by which lives would not be achieved. We, as Christians, should not be for any method that controls birth rather than conception, such as the abortion pill.

In other words, conception control is just fine. Birth control, on the other hand, is murderous. Medical research substantiates this.

According to LifeSite News:

Researchers Donna Harrison, Cara Buskmiller, and Monique Chireau published“Systematic Review of Ovarian Activity and Potential for Embryo Formation and Loss during the Use of Hormonal Contraception” in the January 2019 Linacre Quarterly, a peer-reviewed publication of the Catholic Medical Association. Having examined scientific papers dating back to 1990 that studied the use of hormonal contraception, they found evidence that high levels of estrogen and progestin hormones, which circulate when ovaries produce ova, are accompanied by the conception of embryonic babies who die.

The fact is, the lastest studies demonstrate that the use of contraceptives actually increase the percentage of eggs being released for fertilization and conception. The birth control pill still works, however, because it makes the woman’s womb inhospitable to the newly conceived life, who dies before implanation.

While the carnage of this type of abortion seems less severe, we ask again, does life begin at conception? If so, creating a life and making the womb inhospitable as a “plan b” failsafe is murder.

In fact, the study released demonstrates that women on the pill are MUCH more likely to ovulate and release an egg. This means that Alcorn’s research from the 1990s that estimated an egg is released nearly a third of the time could be as high as half the time. This means that a sexually active couple on the pill may have a child die every-other month or so, depending upon whether or not they have intercourse during ovulation.

The medical journal stated:

Women using hormonal birth control (including the birth control pill) may experience ‘abnormal ovulation, or release of an egg followed by abnormal hormone levels[.]’ It added, “This may increase the number of very early human embryos who are lost before a pregnancy test becomes positive. For women who are thinking about using hormonal birth control, this is important information to consider.

When hormonal birth control fails to prevent ovulation, it then prevents a conceived embryo from being implanted.

There is simply no excuse for a married Christian couple to use medical toxins that have a 33% to 50% change of preventing birth, but not conception.

For more on a time-tested and trusted method of birth control that doesn’t include injecting yourself with toxics or killing your baby, click here to learn more about natural family planning methods.

In short, conception control is just fine. Birth control, on the other hand, leads to death. Avoid it.