Whistleblower Website Scuttled by Team Clayton Jennings: Find Photo Evidence HERE. Warning: GRAPHIC IMAGES

Whistleblower Website Scuttled by Team Clayton Jennings: Find Photo Evidence HERE. Warning: GRAPHIC IMAGES

Rabbi Christopher Frederickson

Please proceed with caution, as we do not desire anyone to stumble into sin with either lust or unbridled anger.

Pulpit & Pen has been informed by Rabbi Christopher Frederickson that allegedly “Clayton Jennings’ has somehow taken down his website.”

It seems Jenning’s has attempted to hack both Pulpit & Pen’s website and Jordan Hall’s Facebook page, albeit unsuccessfully. Most of Jennings’ victims have also had their accounts hacked (some successfully) within the last week or so. P&P has had our tech support on the phone with his victims, helping them ensure necessary cyber-security safeguards.

The following images below, which have been removed from the website of Rabbi Frederickson, are GRAPHIC IN NATURE:

Notice his response to the alleged minor.

The website of the Rabbi has been replete with hatred and unbelievable filth from Clayton Jennings’ rabid followers. See below.

Replies from some of Clayton Jennings’ followers

Until the Rabbi’s website is up, you’ll be able to see the comments sent to the 16 year-old girl, according to his website and her parents.

In recent weeks, Jennings admitted to adultery and sexting (complete with nude photos) in his Spoken Word poetry, released AFTER the Rabbi’s original report that he’s been continuing in this ongoing behavior.

After his misdeeds and clergy misconduct are made public, Jennings then references his ‘mistakes’ in his Spoken Word videos, and claims transparency once his sins have already been uncovered.

Reportedly, Jennings asks for nude photos in return, in order to keep the women from coming forward.

It appears that as Clayton Jennings has branded himself as “standing up against bullies” and kids being picked upon, while he is engaging in this behavior behind the scenes.

[Editor’s Note; Because it is the Rabbi’s Sabbath, he was not available today for full comment. Some reports indicate that Jennings has attempted a copyright claim on certain photos which would mean, in theory, they indeed belong to him]

Fair warning: No additional information has been provided from Rabbi Frederickson on the alleged removal of the posted photographs by Clayton Jennings. The alleged victim is a juvenile, therefore no additional information is available.

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