REAL Social Justice Requires Punishment of Jussie Smollett, But SJW’s SILENT

Jussie Smollett, a California native and homosexual has spent the majority of his life in show business and is currently a star on the Fox show, Empire. On January 22, Smollett claimed to have received a death threat which included the term, MAGA, an acronym often used by President Trump and his supporters. He later claimed that he was attacked in the Streeterville neighborhood of Chicago by two men wearing ski masks and shouting the ‘MAGA’ slogan. Predictably, all of Hollywood came to his defense. Smollett claimed the attack likely came because of his criticism of the Trump administration.

In reality, Chicago police determined that the two ‘suspects’ were Nigerian-born black actors and extras on Smollett’s television show, Empire. The police investigation demonstrated that these brothers indeed staged the attack, and received $3500 from Smollett to do so. Allegedly, Smollett determined that being the subject of a hate-crime would increase his notoriety and, therefore, his value to Empire. In short, he staged his own ‘hate crime’ for a pay increase.

Originally being charged with 16 counts of disorderly conduct and racking up more than 130k in expense to the City of Chicago for their investigation, charges against Smollett were dropped on March 27 and the Judge in the case sealed all records pertaining to the incident.

George Soros – Russell Moore’s partner in the Evangelical Immigration Table (Soros funds the organization and funds the Ethics and Religious Libert Commissionon of which Moore is the president) – recently gave $408k to Kim Foxx, the individual responsible for dropping charges against Jussie Smollett. More than $330k was spent installing Fox in office prior to the election, and he gave $75k in the general election.

The case against Smollett was rock-solid. The Nigerian brothers confessed that Smollett paid them to do the ‘attack.’ They’re on video purchasing the supplies that were paid for with a check written by Smollett. Even Democrat mayor, Rahm Emmanuel, called the matter a “white-wash of justice.” The guilty are going free.

This is a matter of actual justice, not the fake kind of justice promoted by Tim Keller and the Evangelical Intelligentsia that amounts to giving minority groups stuff that doesn’t belong to them. Justice is a requirement of God’s Law. It should be enforced as a moral obligation.

Smollett is guilty of breaking the 9th Commandment (bearing false witness), greed in the motivation of his crime (breaking the 10th Commandment), and perjuring himself (breaking the 8th Commandment). Because he sought to create the ‘Maga’ narrative, he sought to impugn the character of POTUS and half the American population that supports the POTUS.

Where is Thabiti Anyabwile on this case? Why isn’t Tim Keller denouncing Smollett and requiring real Social Justice be done? Why isn’t Russell Moore praising Donald Trump for telling the Justice Department to investigate why the case against Smollet was dropped? That would be real, tangible justice they could get behind.

The answer is that for the ‘woke’ Social Justice Warriors in the SBC, it’s not really about justice. For them, it’s about a political narrative designed to advance a progressive-left agenda. Justice for the so-called evangelical ‘leaders’ isn’t about justice as it has been properly defined for thousands of years (punishing the wicked), instead it’s about bribing people to get their votes by giving them that which they did not work for.

Surely Russell Moore, if it’s his job to provide a ‘prophetic voice’ on contemporary news, should have opined by now on this particular case. It took Moore no time at all to impugn the innocent (and brave) police officers who shot that ruthless thug, Michael Brown. Surely with the facts being in on Smollett, he could at least offer his opinion.