Video: Liberals Say, “It’s Not Okay for Women to Have Babies…”

This video has been going viral in social media in recent days. The two women, who appear to be doing some form of yoga or an Eastern Mystic exercise, began by referring to babies as “bio-hazards.” According to them, it’s “wrong” for a woman to have a baby and stay home to care for it.

“We have enough humans on the planet,” she said. “We don’t need any more humans. It is not okay for women to have babies and stop contributing to the process under the pretense that they’re doing a good thing by staying home and raising children. We don’t need children. If you find yourself pregnant, you have options and can have an abortion.”

She continued:

Women who have babies and stay home to raise them should not be viewed as doing a good thing. That’s not a good thing. That’s completely not what the situation calls for it all. Find another way to contribute and be valued. That’s not a good way. I’m sorry.

The yogi gi (or whatever you call her) also said, “No babies. Cut off the baby factories. We have 7.5 billion – with a ‘b’ – humans on the planet. That’s too much. The actual ideal amount seems to be under one billion.”

There’s no indication that the two women arrived on planet Earth through some other means than being born a baby. Likewise, we are unaware if the two women are willing to give up their spots on this over-populated planet in order to make room for nature.

You can watch the video below.