Why Social Justice is an Attack on the Local Church

There is no question as to exactly from where the new emphasis on Social Justice is coming from in American Evangelicalism. Whatever you want to say about Social Justice, whatever your position, and however you feel about it, you must acknowledge that the emphasis on righting perceived cultural wrongs as a new addendum to the Gospel is not driven by local pulpits. To the contrary, any honest surveyor of this movement should be intellectually honest and concede that the Social Justice emphasis is entirely driven by parachurch organizations outside local congregations.

If a movement were of God, we should expect it to begin within the local church and work outward into the world. Social Justice, on the other hand, is entirely externally driven and is working inwardly upon the local churches. There isn’t any better reason to believe that Social Justice is not of Christ than to see that it is a movement pressing upon the local church and not a movement by the local church.

While researchers have uncovered the political motivations and corrupt cash being spent by men like James Riady and George Soros and laundered through The Gospel Coalition, most should be able to admit that it’s parachurch ministries that are driving the Social Justice Bandwagon.

Social Justice is an ideology birthed out of Critical Theory and Libertion Theology, the product of a wedding between Italian fascists and South American Jesuits, in which Marxist thought is combined with Theism to bring about political change.

Now, for a mental exercise, name five churches that are best known for pushing the Social Justice agenda. Go ahead, name them. I’ll give you a second.


How about three churches. Can you name three?


Now, name five parachurch organizations that are best known for pushing the Social Justice agenda.

The [Social] Gospel Coalition, 9Marx, Together for the Gospel, Southern Seminary, Southeastern Baptist Theology Seminary, Reformed Theological Seminary, Westminster Theological Seminary, White Horse Inn, The Witness, the ERLC, the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals…I could go on.

These institutions all have a few things in common:

  • These Social Justice provocateurs are all parachurch organizations that operate outside and independently of local congregations.
  • These Social Justice provocateurs are not led by pastors, but by the Evangelical Intelligentsia who do not serve local churches.
  • These Social Justice provocateurs are funded, at least in part, by leftist billionaires like James Riady, George Soros, or the Kern Foundation. We can independently confirm that Soros, Riady, or the Kern Foundation financially contributes to TGC, 9Marx, the ERLC, RTS, and Westminster Philadelphia. Other ‘woke’ parachurch organizations named may not have been traced directly to these leftist financing sources (yet), but have likely received funds through the shell corporations from which such money is ordinarily given.

Our seminaries are pumping out Social Justice drones who are not intent to preach expository sermons and exegete the Sacred Writ. They are intent on ‘reforming’ their churches by turning them into mercy ships in the name of justice and reconciliation. This is not done by local churches, but by the parachurch seminaries.

Well-financed blogs that buy their substantial readership (millions upon millions of dollars are used to purchase sponsored posts to drive web traffic) such as The Gospel Coalition putting out a steady diet of textbook Cultural Marxism. It’s not local churches filling the minds of young and impressionable readers with Liberation Theology, but parachurch ministry organizations.

It’s not local churches who thought up the idea of having a “Kingdom Diversity Department” that holds Malcolm X read-ins and says white pastors shouldn’t lead mixed-race congregations. That was a parachurch seminary, SEBTS.

It’s not local churches who have promoted a race-baiting black nationalist like Thabiti Anyabwile, that was a parachurch minsitry, 9Marx.

It’s not local churches who have promoted a gay Anglican priest, but that was parachurch ministries like the ERLC, 9Marx, RTS, Midwestern Seminary, and The Gospel Coalition.

Social Justice has been crammed down the throats of local churches not by pastors, but by parachurch organizations that have infiltrated churches through media outreach. Social Justice is not a move of God, or it would have originated in the pulpits. Instead, Social Justice originated in academic and political think-tanks in Washington and in centers of political influence.

Now, churches and pastors are having to brace each other from the propaganda onslaught perpetuated by these powerful parachurch ministries and prepare to withstand its influence.

If you believe in the power and authority of the local church, that it is Christ’s vehicle for accomplishing his will and building his Kingdom in the world, then ask yourself why the Social Justice movement did not originate within local Bodies. Ask yourself why Social Justice is a force acting upon the local church, rather coming out of the local church.

This isn’t an organic Christian movement. If it were, it would have been birthed and promoted from within the church, not outside it. Wake up.