Video: Abortion Ghouls Vandalize Infant Cemetery Display

The group, Students for Life, put out a display of pink crosses at the University of Michigan in honor of the unborn who are murdered by their parents and ‘health care providers.’ Video was captured of fellow students destroying their display and taking their crosses.

Their display is called the “Cemetery of the Innocents” and is designed to make passersby visualize the sheer volume of dead babies who have suffered the fate of the profit-driven abortion industry.

The students had a permit to use the space and permission from the school for the display. Approximatey a thousand crosses were put on display at about 9AM. However, by early afternoon, it became clear that there was an organized attempt of abortion proponents to steal the crosses placed there for remembrance of the dead.

You can watch a video of one confrontation below. A pink-haired woman dressed like the grim reaper, complete with a black leather trenchcoat and skeleton-finger gloves, was caught trying to steal the crosses. The ghoul dumped out the crosses upon the ground and walked away after police came nearby.

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