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After MacDonald Implosion, Harvest Bible Chapel Members Demand Tithe Refund

James MacDonald taught frequently about financial giving and promised that God would return a financial reward. As the Elephant’s Debt exposed the amount of debt and financial waste at MacDonald’s church and others blew the whistle on MacDonald’s extravagant lifestyle, it now makes more sense. Certain Harvest Bible Chapel members, however, are demanding a refund of what they thought they were giving to God.

Scott and Marsha Thompson donated more than 72 grand to Harvest Bible Chapel over the course of several years and they are now demanding it back.

Thompson claimed that he had no idea that his pastor was living in a 2 million dollar home or lived like a wealthy individual. Titus 1:8 requires elders to be hospitable, so it’s beyond weird for most Christians to consider it’s possible to donate years and tens of thousands of dollars to a church but never to have seen or visited with the pastor in his home.

Thompson left the church in 2013 after seeing photos of MacDonald’s house online and then driving by his home to see if it was as luxurious as it seemed. Then, as news continued to break over the last 6 years, he has grown increasingly convinced that his tithes and offerings were received under false pretenses.

Thompson claims he wants MacDonald to personally pay back his financial gifts to the church.

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