Indiana Now Allowed to Force Abortion Clinics to “Properly Dispose” of Infants’ Remains

A Federal appeals court has now ruled that the state of Indiana can proceed with enforcing a 2016 law that requires abortion clinics to ‘properly dispose’ of the remains of aborted babies.

Mike Pence, when he was governor of Indiana, signed a law that would require women to be shown ultrasound images of their babies before murdering them, would ban abortions due to the baby’s race, sex, or disabilities (you could still murder baby ‘just because’ though), and requires murdered babies to be buried or cremated instead of thrown in the garbage.

Pro-murder advocates have filed suit against the law on various points. Indiana has appealed earlier court rulings stopping the people of that state from outlawing discrimination-based infant murders and required ultrasounds. However, the Seventh Court of Appeals has given the Hoosier State the green light to properly dispose of babies bodies that are murdered in the womb.

A U.S. District Court judge, Jane Magnus-Stinson, originally rejected the provision under judicial review, claiming the language was too vague.

“You kill baby, you bury baby” apparently lacks clarity.

The 3-member appellate panel of judges sided against Magnus-Stenson on a 2-1 margin.

Abortion advocates dislike the law because they feel that it’s an undue burden for the mothers, because the cost of burial or cremation would be passed along to them from the hitman they hired to tear apart their baby. Pro-life advocates, on the other hand, argue that a baby’s dead body should be treated better than medical waste.

In the meantime, we live in a country where we can get together enough votes and judges to determine we should bury our babies, but not to stop murdering them. With this same level of moral clarity, we would keep the Nazi gas chambers going, so long as we’re properly cremating the Jews.

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