“Rape Day” Game Banned from Stream Purchase: Developer Seeking Alternate Distribution

[Cheyenne Macdonald | Dailymail] Gaming company Valve has finally said it will not carry the controversial visual novel Rape Day on its Steam store.

The zombie apocalypse game, which was not yet for sale but slated to arrive in April, is touted as a story of ‘violence, sexual assault, necrophilia and incest’ and would allow players to ‘verbally harass, kill people, and rape women.’

While players weren’t able to buy it yet, they could add it to their wishlist as of February 19.

After news of its disturbing content sparked massive public outcry over the last few weeks, with gamers and non-gamers alike demanding for it to be taken down, Valve now says Rape Day will not be available on Steam.


The decision comes despite Valve’s notoriously lax policy, which is to essentially ‘allow everything’ so long as it’s not ‘illegal, or straight up trolling.’

But, it seems Valve has now discovered its limit.

In a statement posted on Steam, the company confirmed Rape Day would not be coming to the online store.

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by Cheyenne Macdonald and originally published at Dailymail. Title changed by P&P.]

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