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In Wake of Clayton Jennings Meltdown, New Recent Victims Come Forward.”

Editor’s Note: In that our last post about Clayton Jennings was nearly a year before his recent meltdown, we did not understand why Jennings would now choose to finally admit his sexual escapades but go on to ruthlessly dox and attack his victims online. However, the attention caused by Jennings’ 48 hour-long social media attacks served to reveal what seems to be the real reason for the doxing of the women and their photographs.

We believe that by doxing the other women, and revealing their photographs, he is seeking to intimidate other women who are seeking help and have yet to officially come forward.

The post below was written by Christopher Frederickson, a Lapid Rabbi, belonging to a faith which is similar but not identical to Messianic Judaism (Jews who believe in Jesus as the Messiah). Frederickson is the Rebbe of the North American division of Lapid Judaism International. He hosts a radio show that airs on various terrestrial radio stations and has come forward as a counselor to women who have been very recently affected by Jennings’ continued lack of repentance. We will let his words speak without commentary.

From Rabbi Christopher Federickson

Rabbi Christopher Federickson

Through the years I have had the honor of counseling individuals who have been victims of sexual sin in religious communities.  I have counseled Christians, Messianics, Hebrew Roots followers, as well as Lapid Jewish individuals like myself, along with Orthodox Jewish victims.

The fact is that religious communities today, as a whole, are all dealing with these issues and it is growing.  I am reminded of the verse in Ecclesiastes 10:1 where it cites that a fly in the perfume causes the whole bottle to stink.  This has been the effect of sexual sin from leaders in the various faiths and it has increased in recent years because of social media and technology.  

A few months ago, I was contacted by two young ladies who are listeners of my radio program, Brutal Planet, which airs on a few Christian radio stations, about a religious leader named Clayton Jennings.  Now, I am sure I have heard the name in the past, but I didn’t know the man from Adam to be perfectly honest. 

I was told a story that followed the same pattern I have heard from others who have been victims of religious leaders.  I was told they contacted Mr. Jennings and told him they appreciated his teachings and how he had greatly helped them.  Upon seeing their messages, he complimented them on their theology and propped them up as being some of the very few who understood advanced spiritual theologies in the Christian faith(s).  

Jennings then sent them a friend request and upon accepting these requests, the profiles of these ladies would get numerous likes on their pictures and then one or two of their theological posts.  They would spend time talking on messenger and then, in some cases, Mr. Jennings would give his personal cell phone number or ask “do you have Kik”.  Apparently the Kik app is used for the reason of remaining anonymous in text conversations.  

Conversations would escalate to the point that Mr. Jennings claimed that he was about to get divorced and that he had a deep spiritual connection with these women.  He said he hadn’t announced his divorce yet to his followers but would soon. 

He would claim that rumors have ruined his marriage and that he was talked down to by his wife, and she initiated the proceedings for divorce and that he isn’t at fault.  But he would maintain that he has a deep spiritual connection with these women.

Weeks would follow and things would escalate even further.  The conversations became less spiritual and more carnal.  With hints like “I wish I were kissing you right now”, to “I wish I were cuddling you watching that movie with you.”  He would do this to test the waters after he convinced them of this spark they both have. 

Soon after he would push an ultimate closeness with them, of them bearing all to one another.  First, he would send photographs of himself, increasingly more personal and eventually, of his genitals. He would ask for photos in return, but wanted to  see all of them and to prop their phone up and to use a timed photo so he could see their face with their nude bodies.   

This would later continue through sexting where they would tell each other what they wanted to do to one another and it would proceed to more immodest and interactions that were sexual in nature.

Soon another came forward with the exact same story.  And then another came forward with a different story.  

The women reported to me their suspicion of Mr. Jennings’ abuse of prescription narcotics. Their testimonies seemed very credible to me.
Through this time, it was obvious that because of Mr. Jennings’ actions these women were questioning G-d and questioning their faith.  One has since become an atheist.  The pain has just been too hard for her and the trust she once had for spiritual leaders is gone because of this instance.  

These women, once vibrant believers in the Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) have since been affected in a negative way because of the actions of Clayton Jennings.  They have all four stopped attending their assemblies, and have been the victims of a stumbling block that is all too prominent in today’s religious society.  

I have publicly put out my name, my office, my credentials, and my good reputation to attest to the testimonies of these women.

[Editor’s Note: As this website is run by Reformed Evangelicals, this re-post is not an endorsement of Lapid Judaism. This article was written by Rabbi Christopher Federickson and first published at Lapid Judaism.]