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SBC President: “[Abortion] Isn’t a Republican or Democrat Issue”

News Division

It sure as heck is a Republican and Democrat issue.

That was my first thought when I saw a screenshot of rump-shaking frat-boy SBC president, JD Greear, saying this on Twitter.

With all the serious theological depth of Ronnie Floyd and all the wokeness of Russell Moore, the leftist SBC president is not a useful idiot waiting to happen, but is a useful idiot who has already happened. I doubt that JD Greear understands that there is a serious movement underfoot in powerful evangelical institutions like The Gospel Coalition and the ERLC – funded by George Soros, James Riady, and the Kern Foundation – to get evangelicals to vote progressive (or just as well, to not vote at all). Regardless of what he knows or what he does not know, Greear’s actions almost daily demonstrate he’s working for the wrong team.

The SBC wanted a cool kid to lead them, and they got him. And the cool kid is just as vapid as you would expect the cool kid to be.

Greear was RT’ing Trillia Newbell, an intersectionality mascot of TGC and the ERLC. The Gospel Coalition, which is a political organization that purports to have something to do with the Gospel on occasion, still has a certain quota of orthodoxy it has to meet in order to keep its readership. Technically, and on paper, TGC takes a pro-life position, even though they let Thabiti Anyabwile endorse Hillary Clinton on their website and repeatedly undermine conservative Christian values in the finer print.

Drawing a line at letting babies die outside the womb regarding the latest post-birth abortion travesty, Greear retweeted Newbell with the following words added:

This is not a Democrat or Republican issue. It is about whether to keep babies born alive, alive.

First, there’s a sickening feeling in my stomach when evangelicals who seem like they couldn’t care less about babies being butchered in the womb suddenly get shook when babies are left to die outside the womb. I assure you that to God, there is no distinction.

But secondly, this is a Democrat and Republican issue.

Helllooooooo. Reality is calling.

The Born Alive Act, which would rescue babies born alive from botched abortions, failed to pass in the U.S. Senate by a 53-44 margin. There are 53 Republicans in the Senate and 45 Democrats, with two independents who caucus with the Democrats.

Only three of the Senate’s Democrats voted to provide born-alive infants medical care and these include Bob Casey Jr. (Pa.), Joe Manchin (W.Va.), and Doug Jones (Ala.). All six of the 2020 Democratic presidential contenders (Cory Booker, Sherrod Brown, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, and Elizabeth Warren) voted to let the babies die, as did former Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

Three Republican senators failed to vote on the bill, and two of them were because of flight delays and they were providentially hindered from being there (I have confirmed this personally with Kevin Kramer’s office, who’s a senator in nearby North Dakota). Only one Republican senator chose to abstain because they didn’t support the bill, and that was (predictably), Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.

Now with the facts laid out, who really wants to say this is not a Republican and Democrat issue? The statement is not only factually wrong, it is frustratingly asinine. It’s something that could only come out of the mouth of a hipster denominational president who stumbled into his position by the sheer power of his coolness or by someone with more sinister intentionality.

I pointed out the obvious on my own Facebook page, and some took exception with my comment that this is a Republican and Democrat issue, believing that I’m glowingly convinced of the moral virtue of every Republican everywhere.

Of course, there is truth to Hartzler’s comments. Abortion is still legal, in part, because Republicans know they can count on the vote of evangelicals the same way that Democrats know they can count on the vote of African Americans and in the end, both are neglected by their own parties. Instead of criminalizing abortion, Republicans have made the issue into a useful political football, something to toss back and forth and to gain yardage just one down at a time.

Democrats, on the other hand, are also scrimmaging with the corpse of a dead fetus. It’s just that they’re on the wrong team. While we may hate the strategy or gutlessness of Republicans, we have to fundamentally hate more the worldview and blood-thirst of the Democrats.

When the Democrat Platform advocates abortion on demand for any time, at any age of gestation, and for any reason (at tax payer expense), the Republican Platform opposes those things. Every four years, the two parties have delegates from all across the nation put together their values and place them in a platform. Democrats value murder. Republicans value life.

That is not an over-simplification. That is simple and honest fact.

No doubt, Republicans fail to care enough. They’re apathetic. They settle for partial bans against infanticide. What they give it is a day late and a dollar short. And always, there’s a Republican like Lisa Murkowski who’s just a single vote, but enough to spoil an entire caucus and ruin the Republican’s thin margin of victory.

But let’s not kid ourselves. Democrats are, by and large, godless. And not only are they godless, they have antipathy toward Him. They hate all that which is pure and wholesome, which is why they want to gas the American womb like a million individual Nazi death chambers. The Democratic Platform is little more than a list of sins God hates, including infanticide, every form of sexual immorality, covetousness, and theft by the confiscation of property and redistribution of wealth.

Greear is a man who’s over-his-head and out of his element. He is best reserved for motivating crowds of volunteers to organize Easter egg hunts and fun-runs. Little does he know (probably) the weight and girth of ignorance which are exposed in his comments about topics that he clearly does not understand.

Being a megachurch pastor does not – in and of itself – qualify you as a commentator on political or current events. It qualifies you to attract crowds with shiny objects and loud noises.

[Contributed by JD Hall]