Despite Doctor’s Warning, Woman Proceeds with 17th Abortion

[Micaiah Bilger | LifeNews] A 27-year-old woman likely never will be able to have children as a result of damage to her uterus from 17 abortions.

Dr. Zhao Qin, head of gynecology at Shiyan Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital in China, told The Sun that she warned the young woman, “Xiao Ju,” about being infertile before she went through with her 17th abortion. Quin said she urged Xiao Ju to choose life for her baby, but the young woman did not listen.

Xiao Ju aborted 17 unborn babies in just six years, according to the report. It noted that unmarried women in China often are punished for having children, a possible factor in the young woman’s decisions.

Here’s more from the report:

Doctor Zhao said she realised the severity of Xiao Ju’s physical condition while examining her for her latest procedure.

“I found her uterus lining to be critically thin, like a piece of paper, due to the repeated abortions she had had,” she said.

“Her uterus was also badly scarred.”

Zhao apparently encouraged her patient to keep her child, urging: “If you don’t have to have this abortion, then keep this baby, because it may be very, very difficult for you to get pregnant again.”

The doctor said Xiao Ju went through with the abortion anyway, saying she does not plan to get married and cannot raise a child.

The story is a reminder that abortions do not just kill unborn babies, they also pose risks to the mother’s life and health as well. Abortion activists try to downplay these risks and even claim there is nothing wrong with having multiple abortions. But numerous studies indicate abortions, especially multiple abortions, can have serious risks. Studies have linked abortions to increased risks of breast cancerblood clots and future preterm births, as well as depression, anxiety, suicide and other psychological problems.

Studies around the world have also connected abortion with infertility.

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by Micaiah Bolger and originally published at LifeNews. Title changed by P&P.]