Charisma News: Demons Are Attracted to Burnt Eggs

Charismaticsm is basically a different religion from Christianity altogether. It’s basically witchcraft mixed with superstition, with a slight dousing of words from the Christian lexicon. It sounds Christian-like, but its bizarreness and pagan superstition is really off the charts.

Charisma News has run an article today recalling how burnt eggs attracted a demon.

The story is told by Blake Healy:

As the eggs cooked, I ran around the house, grabbing things I would need for the rest of the day. November started to cry, so I picked her up and carried her around with me as I packed my computer bag, notebook and coffee tumbler.

I began running the day’s events through my head. I had to drop Haydon off at school at 9, and then I needed to head straight to the office for a meeting. Finnley had a doctor’s appointment, and I was sure I had made plans to meet someone after lunch.

Then I started to smell burning eggs.

My frustration began to mount as the rest of my to-do list resounded like a chorus in my head. Then I began getting frustrated that I was getting frustrated—burned eggs and a delayed breakfast are hardly the worst of the world’s problems. What right did I have to be moody?

It was then I saw a demon come around the corner.

There wasn’t much to it. The demon was a little under three feet tall with grayish skin and a potbelly. It shuffled forward, its pace and posture that of a toddler who has smelled something tasty.

It is, quite frankly, one of the strangest claims – in vivid detail – we’ve seen in quite a while.

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