Instead of Discussing Abortion, “Evangelicals for Life” Event Argued for Lighter Penalties for Criminals, Racial Justice

Thirteen months ago, Pulpit & Pen warned you that Russell Moore was intentionally changing the definition of what it means to be pro-life. Moore has broadened the term to fit in his entire progressive agenda under that term. Hosting a round-table at the Evangelicals for Life event several weeks ago, the “pro-life” theme was used to discuss criminal justice reform and racial justice instead of abortion.

The ERLC posted the video this morning.

Including race-baiting incendiary, Ron Burns (he goes by the name Thabiti Anyabwile, which he says he chose in order to identify with the Black Nationalist movement), the panel discussed the need for lighter sentences for criminals, a removal of bail bonding (they claim it puts the poor at a disadvantage) and spoke about how blacks are disproportionately affected by tough criminal penalities.

How any of the above deals with the topic of abortion is unknown, but again, Russell Moore has made it so that “pro-life” covers whatever momentary progressive soapbox you might currently want to stand upon.

You can watch the video below.

It seems that whatever talking point seems to be most popular with the left is the topic that the Evangelical Intelligentsia seems to discuss most vocally.

Let us be clear: To be “pro-life” has no implication for criminal justice reform, spaying and neutering dogs, saving dolphins, or recycling. To be “pro-life” means you actively oppose doctors and parents being able to dissect children limb-from-limb in the womb and suck them out with a vacuum cleaner.

Moore has thusfar been totally silent on Donald Trump’s anti-abortion comments during the State of the Union last evening. Perhaps if Trump had advocated that bail be reduced for rapists and murderers Moore would have given some kind of applause.

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