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Alveda King: Northam ”Stop Agreeing to Kill Little Human Beings in the Womb”

[LifeNews] Alveda King, niece of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., appeared on “Fox & Friends” Monday and called on Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam to apologize for “agreeing to kill little babies” in the womb.

“Well, the Democrats and many people are stuck in skin color racism,” King said. “[Northam] needs to rescind all of that. He needs to apologize for agreeing to kill little babies, little human beings in the womb. His own — in his own state, those little human Americans, he needs to apologize to them. He really does.”

King said it was important to forgive the Virginia Democrat, but also called on him to rescind state abortion laws to make up for his mistakes.

“When the story initially broke, I said well, wow, 35 years ago we need to forgive him. However, forgiveness is one thing. But how do we move forward is another thing. And rather than to ask the governor to resign, I would ask him to rescind all of the legislation that he has approved that supports the crime against humanity, which is abortion,” she said.

I would say stay there, reverse all those actions, stop agreeing to kill little human beings in the womb. You’re a pediatrician. You know those are human beings, right there in the womb. So I believe he could do a really good deed if he’s very serious, especially about that apology 35 years ago.

[Editor’s Note: This was written by Nick Givas and originally published at LifeNews.]

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