For or Against Infanticide: Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse call’s for Monday Vote

[LifeNews] For Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, it’s time to put up or shut up. With 10 Democrat Senators having refused to condemn Virginia governor Ralph Northam for supporting infanticide, Sasse has had enough and he will make them go on record.

The United States Senate will vote on Monday on a bill to protect babies born alive after failed abortions. The vote will come days after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law new legislation that allows abortions up to birth.

The Senate vote will also come days after Virginia Governor Ralph Northam backed infanticide during a radio interview — saying that he’s perfectly content if doctors and parents discuss letting disabled babies die after birth.

Sasse is using the Rule 14 process to expedite consideration of the bill, as well as calling for a vote to pass the bill under unanimous consent on the Senate floor next week.

“On Monday, I’m going to ask all 100 senators to come to the floor and be against infanticide. This shouldn’t be complicated,” Sasse said.

“We’re talking about a little baby girl who’s been born and is on a table in a hospital or a medical facility and then a decision or a debate would be had about whether or not you could kill that little baby,” he emphasized.

“We’re talking about the most vulnerable among us, and we have a public official in America out there again and again defending a practice,” Sasse said. “This is infanticide that we’re talking about.”

Everyone in the Senate ought to be able to say unequivocally that killing that little baby is wrong,” Sasse said. “This doesn’t take any political courage. And, if you can’t say that, if there’s a member of this body that can’t say that, there may be lots of work you can do in the world but you shouldn’t be here. You should get the heck out of any calling in public life where you pretend to care about the most vulnerable among us.

[Editor’s Note: This was written by Steven Ertelt and originally published at LifeNews.]

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