James White Preaches About Himself at G3, Defends Islamic Interfaith Dialogue (Again)

Demonstrating an uncanny ability to make most things revolve around himself, as well as the inability to let things go, James White used the stage at G3 to defend his ill-advised interfaith dialogue with a radical Muslim extremist (who White insists is a moderate, despite the evidence), Yasir Qahdi.

White, who recently resigned his position as an elder at a Confessional Baptist Church to serve in the position of “scholar in residence” (whatever that is) of Apologia Church, dismissed concerns about militant Islam and claimed those who disagreed with his approach were hateful Islamaphobes.

Phil Johnson, who was at G3 this year along with White – had previously disagreed with White’s interfaith dialogue at the Judge Not Conference, but stopped short of stronger criticism and took time to condemn Brannon Howse (although not necessarily by name) for anathematizing White for the foolish event. Nonetheless, not all at G3 thought well of his approach to dialogue.

White’s critics have primarily focused on the interfaith dialogue advertising “fellowship” between Christians and Muslims (in the flier and commercial advertising), in spite of 2 Corinthians 6:14-17 telling us that there is no fellowship between believers and idolaters. White has refused to concede to the wisdom that a different word should have been used.

Likewise, critics have taken issue with the “dialogue” approach to theological share-time rather than debate, which seems to some to lend unnecessary credibility to the Islamist position and violates the command of 2 John 1 that such false missionaries should not be hospitably greeted.

As over-the-top as some criticism was toward White, he was equally over-the-top, lodging accusations of “Islamaphobia” and “hate” toward anyone who thought his interfaith dialogue was ill-advised, including Janet Mefferd and a number of individuals who have spent their life ministering to Muslims.

And so, preaching himself, White used the opportunity over the weekend to again paint his critics as Islamaphobes (and even took a swipe at Fox News).

We would be interested to hear specifically the names of those in the Reformed camp who White insists are Islamaphobes. Please, name names.

You can watch the video below.

Oh, by the way…the best way for James White to let something go is to just let it go. He seems incapable.