PCA Church Cancels Lesbian “Transgender Jesus” Preacher After Outrage

Reformation Charlotte was the first (that we know of) to write about a PCA Church, the South City Church in Saint Louis, inviting a lesbian to come preach at their church. She had recently given a talk about “Transgender Jesus” in 2015. Other press outlets soon picked up the story. After outrage, the church has posted a public statement that they’ve disinvited the lesbian preacher.

Reformation Charlotte posted:

More recently, however, a PCA (you read that right, PCA, not PCUSA) church in St. Louis has invited a transgender rights activist in a lesbian relationship to teach the members of their church and anyone else who wants to join how to “celebrate the lives of transgender people by “reclaiming” Martin Luther King’s legacy.

However, now the church claims that they were unaware that “some of the planned elements” were contrary to their beliefs. Rather, the church says, they just thought it was a basic “social justice organization” they were inviting in.

In the past few days, the session and pastoral staff of South City Church became aware of details concerning an event that was to be hosted on its property on January 20th, 2019 sponsored and organized by Faith for Justice, a Christian advocacy and social justice organization. Upon being informed of the details of the event, the session and pastoral staff met and determined that some of the planned elements within this particular event appeared to be inconsistent with South City Church’s theological convictions. We have thus determined that South City Church’s facility should no longer be used for the Faith for Justice event originally scheduled for January 20th. At no point was the event a South City Church event or part of a South City Church worship service.

Pssss….transgender rights are included in what is called “social justice.” It always has. That’s because social justice isn’t about Christianity and isn’t about the Gospel; it’s about leftism. It’s a political position, not a moral position.

Earth to the PCA.

It’s a good thing for outrage, or else this PCA church would have gone the way of Revoice. This is why polemics ministries exist…to help get pastors to do their job by stewarding the doctrinal health of their church in accordance to the Holy Bible. What kind of pastor schedules a lesbian to preach (or a woman, for that matter) to begin with?

They church’s statement continues:

… we believe hateful and harassing attitudes directed towards any of God’s image bearers—including LGBT+ people—are to be repudiated. We also acknowledge the fallenness of all people and desire to call all to repentance and faith in Christ.

Whew…it’s a good thing they clarified they’re not pro-harassment. That was a close one.

Today, the virtue-signaling flag flies at half-staff in the PCA.

[Editor’s Note: You can see the church’s statement here]