Collegiate Christian “Urbana Conference” Apologizes for Christianity

With more than ten thousand young people gathered at a conference sponsored by InterVarsity, true Christianity was replaced with the Social Gospel and an apology video was given on behalf of Christianity for all the world’s ills.

Lauding the secularist #MeToo movement and its pseudo-religious version, the #ChurchToo movement, the narrator goes on to attack other historic Christians, claiming “we have silenced their hopes for justice.”

The video blames Martin Luther King for the Holocaust (seriously) and Christian theologians for apartheid in South Africa.

“We cloaked evil in spiritual language. Our theology helped birth segregation, subjegation and genocide,” the author claimed.

She goes on to blame Christians for the Rwandan genocide.

The narrator then blames Christians for the persecution of indigenous peoples (who shed blood and died to evangelize them, like David Brainerd).

She also complains about Canadian Christians educating Native populations (how dare they), before blaming Christian churches for geonocide in Uganda.

You can watch the video below.

Of course, in reality, Christians freed the slaves. Christians evangelized the heathen. Christians in the First World stopped the genocide in the Third World Africa. Christians defeated Hitler and emptied the concentration camps. Christians empowered women by honoring and protecting them in the home rather than forcing them out into the jobplace to be mistreated as sex-objects (thanks a lot, feminism).

Western Christianity brought the world the Lockean concept of individual liberty and civil rights. So you’re welcome, haters.

[Editor’s Note: All of these major conferences have one thing in common; social justice and demolishing the “power structure.” If you don’t think these groups are all financially motivated by the same globalist and leftist donors, you are out of your mind. This is coordinated. Pay attention.]