Vatican Pushes McCarrick Molestation as “Consensual”

Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick will likely not be prosecuted by church officials for gay sex with a 16 year-old because it was in the lavatory rather than the confessional booth and because 16 is the age of consent.

The Archdiocese of New York found molestation accusations against Archbishop Theodore McCarrick to be credible. On July 28, Pope Francis accepted his resignation as his molestation against both minors and adult seminarians came to light. Although a new case of abuse is about to break, the molestation originally in question was McCarrick’s rape of an altar boy at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in 1971 and 1972. Now, it seems that the Vatican is trying to paint the 1971-1972 abuse of the altar boy as “consensual.”

According to James Grein – another molestation victim of McCarrick – accusations of molestation against the first altar boy in ’71 and ’72 were dropped because according to him:

The credible evidence has been dropped because the altar boy went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral to solicit sex from McCarrick.

The altar boy in question was molested in the sacristy and lavatory of the cathedral before a Christmas Mass.

Grein, who is reporting the account of McCarrick molesting the altar boy consensually (according to Vatican investigators, not Grein), was baptized by McCarrick as an infant and then molested by him, beginning at age 11.

Because the here-to-fore unnamed altar boy from 1971-72 was 16, he was at the age of consent and the Romanists considered him a “consensual adult.” Homosexual sex in the church’s sacristy, notwithstanding.

Grein was molested regularly by McCarrick during Confession, which is taken more seriously by the Vatican than molestation or gay sex happening in the lavatory or sacristy (the priest’s dressing room). Because the other victim was 16 – and not 11 – and because it wasn’t in the confessional booth, it will likely not be followed-up by Vatican investigators.

[HT Lifesite News]