Video: Pastor Uses Trampoline in Sermon Illustration, Wipes Out

If anyone preaches, let him preach as one who speaks oracles of God…1 Peter 4:11

There was a time when pastors stood upon pulpits as the congregation peered up at him behind the Sacred Desk. He stood there because that is from where he lifted up his voice in exultation of God and exposition of God’s Word. People actually gathered by the hundreds, if not thousands, to watch a man stand still and preach from the Bible for an hour or more. Today, love for the Bible among professing Christians has waxed so cold that pastors are finding new and exciting side-show acts to keep luke-warm crowds of apathetic people marginally engaged.

One such pastor, eager to make a show of himself and entertain his church at years-end – a Sunday which isn’t regularly attended by so many nominal Christians (the president of the SBC canceled services last Sunday) – decided to do an acrobatic stunt on a trampoline.

It did not go well.

Matthew K. Thompson (46), is the pastor of Jubilee Church in New England. The church is one of the largest churches in the area, with attendance regularly over one thousand. Sunday, instead of preaching God’s Word like a respectable exegete, he tried a stunt on a mini-trampoline and face-planted in front of the entire church.

You can watch the video below.

The prayer shawl, above, apparently couldn’t work miracles.

Thompson then blaphemed God’s name to Fox News, saying, “It’s funny. I remember thinking to myself, O. M. G. and I land like right on my head…maybe like 800 people there. They just gasp and I’m just laying on the floor.”

The reason for the trampoline, according to Thompson, was designed to teach the congregation a lesson that with God’s help you can “get over it.”

Apparently, the simple concept of overcoming can’t be explained to an audience of entertainment-starved, mostly unregenerate spiritual three-year-olds without a trampoline.

Oddly enough, this news story is not a repeat from 2014 when another pastor similarly wiped out on a trampoline.