SBC President’s Church Sings Disney’s “Let it Go” at Christmas Program

Angels We Have Heard on High is a classic Christmas Hymn that tells the story, as recounted in Luke 2, of the chorus of angels that appeared in the region of Bethlehem to announce Christ’s birth and proclaim God’s glory. Let it Go is the most popular song from the hit Disney animated film Frozen. It tells the story of a queen with repressed magic powers who accidentally freezes her whole kingdom, abdicates her royal responsibilities, flees to the mountains, and proclaims her freedom from the social fears which have been holding her back since she accidentally almost killed her little sister with an ice blast. Both of these songs were combined in a medley last week at The Summit Church’s Christmas program. Summit is pastored by JD Greear, the President of the Southern Baptist Convention. Last Sunday, Summit Church cancelled Lord’s Day church services at each of its nine campuses for Christmas break.

The President of the Southern Baptist Convention, the man who is responsible for appointing the committee which is ultimately responsible for nominating the trustees for the International Mission Board, the North American Mission Board, and each of the SBC’s six seminaries, had his church worship team mix a Disney song in with a Christmas song about angels and followed it up with cancelling church. If that doesn’t tell you that the SBC is in trouble, I don’t know what will. Anyone in disbelief about this turn of events can watch the video embedded below.

Anyone who watches the whole video may notice other peculiar things. For the purposes of this article, I will offer no commentary on the rap dancers, singers with torn jeans, and the performer wearing different colored neon shoes. I suggest anyone who calls The Summit home let it to go and find a new church.

“This, then, is the proposal. In order to win the world, the Lord Jesus must conform himself, his people, and his Word to the world. I will not dwell any longer on so loathsome a proposal.” Charles Spurgeon

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