Tucker Carlson Interviews Teacher Fired for Not Using Preferred Gender Pronouns

Tucker Carlson recently interviewed the school teacher from Virginia who was fired for refusing to refer to a female with male pronouns. He used the female’s fake name, and avoided using pronouns altogether. Nonetheless, he was fired for refusing to lie about God, nature, and biology. 

The school teacher capitulated on using the student’s preferred name, but drew the line at pronouns. He was summarily fired. 

By all accounts, the teacher did not belittle the student or disagree with her choice to identify as male.

You can watch the video below.

As Carlson points out, it’s nearly impossible to fire a public school teacher for incompetence, but apparently really easy to fire a teacher for affirming facts and biological science. 

What this should teach all of us is that trying to “accommodate” someone’s preferred gender, unless you’re willing to go all the way, won’t be good enough. Don’t cave on their fake name. Don’t cave on their pronouns. They’re going to fire you anyway, so don’t budge an inch.