Photo of Pope’s Lamborghini Sets Internet on Fire

Pastor John Gray infuriated some and confused others last week when he gave his wife a 200k Lamborghini. Gray insisted that he was “fulfilling her dream” and that the money came from side-hustles and not from the offering plate. 

But Gray isn’t the only celebrity religious leader who has a Lamborghini sitting around. A photo of Pope Francis with his Lamborghini given to him as a gift last year is now making rounds on the Internet. People seem most bemused at what he’s doing in the photo.

Francis is signing the car that was given him as a gift. 

Pope Francis writes on the bonnet of a Lamborghini donated to him by the luxury sports car maker, at the Vatican, Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017. 

The plans were to auction off the Lamborghini and use the proceeds to help Middle East refugees. That plan calmed the public’s outrage at the opulent gift when it was first announced. However, those plans have reportedly fallen through and the Pope still has possession of the luxury car.

As of last week, the Pontiff’s plans are to raffle off the luxury car and he claims the vehicle has been “blessed” by him. Winners of the lotto will be given airline tickets to Rome and will get to meet the Pope and the CEO of Lamborghini when they pick up their new ride. 

If you want the Pope’s Lamborghini, you can sign up to win here.

If you want any other of the things Satan tempted Jesus with, you might go to some other high place to see it. 

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