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Watch: Mom Sings Creepy Lullaby at Clinic “Blessing” Claiming Baby Wrote Song Before She Aborted Her

[Life News] A pro-life group has released an unbelievable video of a mother singing a creepy lullaby that her baby “gave” her before she killed her baby in an abortion. The woman sang the song recently at a “blessing” of a local abortion clinic in Ohio by pro-abortion clergy.

In Columbus, Ohio, that image of a mother soothing her child through song was flipped on its head at a shocking pro-abortion rally. One mother at the rally recounted her abortion by singing a lullaby she said her baby sent to her while she was in the waiting room preparing to kill the child.

The mother was one of several speakers at the so-called “blessing” of Your Choice Healthcare, a non-surgical abortion facility in Columbus, OH. The blasphemous event included not only women talking about their abortions but also clergy members calling on God to bless murder of babies and praising those who kill them.

Before singing the “lullaby”—actually a Beatles song—the mother in the video explains she had visions and conversations with the baby in her womb before the abortion. These visions, according to the mother, culminated in the baby sending her a lullaby moments before she was killed to tell her mom, “It’s okay.”

[Editor’s Note: Article written by Steven Ertelt and originally published at Life News]