Satanists Upset People Are Stealing from their Christmas Tree

I’ve never met Christians with a Satan tree or Beelzebub bush, so I don’t know why Satanists would have a Christmas tree. But nonetheless, there’s at least one Satanist Christmas tree out there and it’s in San Jose, California. And that Satanist Tree is making the news because people keep stealing its decorations. The Satanists are beside themselves in exasperation that people would be so immoral.

File this is the “funny news” category of the day.

[CBS KPIX 5, San Francisco] The South Bay’s biggest holiday celebration appears to have fallen victim to thieves after someone robbed ornaments off a tree at Christmas in the Park in San Jose that had its decorations sponsored by a local Satanic group.

The crime happened just two days after the tree went up with the thieves apparently targeting a specific tree.

The tree targeted was decorated with pentagrams and other demonic symbols, its decorations sponsored by a Bay Area Satanic organization.

Some may wonder why a Satanic group would have a decorated tree at a holiday display like Christmas in the Park, but not the organizers of the event or the people who set up the tree.

satanic bay area christmas ornament 2 Thieves Steal Ornaments From Satanic Groups Christmas Tree In San JoseSatanic Bay Area Christmas ornament (CBS)

Bay Area Satanist Simone Chavoor and her friend Tabitha spent Wednesday afternoon sprucing up the tree that was recently robbed.

The group decorated the tree on Black Friday, complete with an elaborate goat head as a tree topper.

Two days, later the topper and other satanic ornaments had vanished.

The Satanists filed a police report, but declined to file it as a hate crime.

“It could be anything from kids, to people who don’t agree with our viewpoint to people who are actually in agreement with us and think that our ornaments are cool,” said Chavoor, a member of a local Satanic Temple as well as the independent group Satanic Bay Area, which sponsored this tree’s decorations.

There are more than 500 trees at Christmas in the Park which have been decorated by schools, sports teams and organizations of all kinds.

But it appears that the Satanic temple’s tree was the only one targeted this time.

“It happens every year that one tree will get its ornaments stolen.  We encourage people not to put ornaments on the trees that they think people will want to take,” said Jason Minsky with Christmas in the Park. “We encourage people to tie the ornaments to the tree so that they are harder to take.”

What is the world coming to?

While the Church of Satan rejects the Ten Commandments, which forbid theft in the eighth command, it does have The Eleven Satanic Rules (imagine that, Satan has more rules than God…there’s a lesson in there somewhere).

Their sixth rule reads, “Do not take that which does not belong to you unless it is a burden to the other person and he cries out to be relieved.

Perhaps stealing another religion’s sacred symbols and religious rituals sets a bad example.

They should be reminded that even though it’s not really Santa who brings presents to put under the tree, it is actually the devil that comes to steal (John 10:10).